“Flamboyant and sophisticated, like a well-informed flamingo”
– Tim Shiel (triple J)


Melbourne hyperpop duo Peachnoise (comprised of Gina Somfleth & Fagan Wilcox) describe themselves as anti-anti-melody pop, drawing influences from artists like SOPHIE and Arca. Finding their way to Australia via Germany and New Zealand, Peachnoise are unapologetic, with wild electronic lines & voluminous harmony stacks.

Known for their vivid, meticulous music videos (which the pair direct themselves), Peachnoise have created undeniably immersive worlds with ‘Bubblegum Lover’, ‘Yah’, ‘Bigmouth’ and more recently, ‘Honey’, which was filmed  at hauntingly empty Parliament Station during Melbourne’s 2021 lockdown (with permission). The video sees lead singer Gina explore the confusing, desolate landscape in the persona of an almost extra-terrestrial being, as she dodges her own lyrics with each turn.

Having already supported the likes of I Know Leopard, Nai Palm, Sex On Toast and more, a Peachnoise live show is unorthodox, unhinged and incredibly fun. Amongst a weird and wonderful array of unique instrumentations, Fagan and Gina truly live in brilliantly bizarre world of their own.

Now armed with singles, ‘Honey’ and ‘Nothing Can Stay The Same’, the path towards the outfit’s debut EP is stronger and clearer than ever as they gear up for another year of hypnotic, intergalactic releases.


“This will keep you on the edge of your seat long after it finishes”
– Acid Stag