“The Newcastle musician is brimming with talent.”

– Josh Leeson (Newcastle Herald)

Hailing from Newcastle, NSW, Grace Aberhart is a rising musical talent, captivating audiences with her dynamic range of genre-blending, emotive songwriting. Growing up in a musical family, Grace had a keen interest in singing since she was little – first picking up the guitar at age 12.

Grace’s passion for songwriting and arrangement has only grown stronger over time, drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists. Her 2021 release, ‘Ex Again’ was a sonic testament to her artistic evolution and influences, fusing melancholic soundscapes with nostalgic punk.

Having previously captured hearts as part of triple J’s Unearthed High competition with singles ‘Next To Me’ and ‘Famous’, Grace articulately guides ‘Letterbox’ through a whirlwind of emotions, acknowledging the mental strength needed to cut yourself off from something that is causing you pain.

Feature article in The Newcastle Herald
Played on Home & Hosed with Ash McGregor
Spins on Newcastle Live, 2SER and Indigo FM